Bridgewater Candle Co. Auto Vent Clip


Sweet Grace - Illuminate the preciousness of life and effortless beauty of passionate fruits radiating with sparkling tea and classic patchouli.

Fragrance Family: Oriental & Spice

Afternoon Retreat:

Sink back into a bed of soft moss with teak, sandalwood, and amber as a light breeze of fresh bergamot and lime sweep the air.

Fragrance Family: Woody

Christmas Bliss:

Raise a glass and make a toast to a fragrance that embodies all things exuberant, bubbly, and revel-worthy. Glittery bursts of succulent strawberry and mandarin fizz into a flowery trio of mimosa, honeysuckle, and gardenia, while an infusion of buttery vanilla rum, sandalwood, and musk exalt the senses into a holding pattern of pure jubilation.

Fragrance Family: Floral

Tree Trek:

A trek for the perfect fir tree begins in the crisp wintry woods amidst fresh mountain air.


Lifespan: Fragrances up to 30 Days