Grace and Lace Size Chart

Measuring Guide

For the most accurate measurements, refer to the specifications given for each measurement in the above guide.

Use the right tape. Flexible measuring tapes provide the most accurate measurements.
Check your posture. Stand up straight in a relaxed position with your feet together. Breathe normally and ensure the tape is parallel to the floor and comfortably fitted to the body, but not too snug. (Don't suck in that tummy — you will just end up with tight-fitting clothing!)
Find someone to assist you. Measurements will be most accurate if someone else measures for you. If this is not an option, take your own measurements while standing in front of a full length mirror.
Dress properly. While taking measurements it is best to wear your typical day-to-day undergarments with form-fitting clothing (like a tank-top and leggings). This is especially important for bust measurements, as your bust level and circumference measurement will change with and without a bra on.
Review the "Fit and Care" tab. Before ordering, be sure to review each item’s “Fit and Care” tab to help determine the the best sizing for that item. Typically we recommend sizing up if you are between sizing to allow room for alterations. If a certain style runs small or big, it will be indicated on the “Fit and Care” tab.