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Rinse Bath & Body Co. Pixie Pack Lip Balm Pack


There's nothing "traditional" about these Pucker Sticks except for the recipe. Yes, it's the same goodness for your pout as our traditional Pucker Sticks just with a sweet twist.

A hint of sparkle, a little shimmer & magical flavors make these 100% natural lip balms perfectly fun Perfectly packaged flavors of Strawberry (pink), Grape (purple), Bubblegum (blue) & Lemon Lime (green) provide a slight & tasteful shimmer for the lips (but no worries, the color doesn't transfer).

Each stick contains a perfect blend of Squalane Oil derived from the olive (a quickly absorbed oil known for being extremely healing), Apricot Kernel & Coconut Oils & Cocoa Butter (all known for healing & moisturizing), Castor Oil (provides a nice slip), Beeswax, a touch of Vitamin E & flavored with 100% natural flavoring. 100% natural mica gives these pucker sticks a little magical color & shimmer.


Travel-Friendly 100% natural - Four .15 oz. twist-up tubes