Plentiful Pantry Soup


Tortilla Soup is our BEST selling product! For a slightly spicy tomato & vegetable soup, you simply add water. Want an authentic Tex-Mex Meal? Sprinkle tortilla chips on top, add black beans, canned corn, shredded chicken, green chilies, or sour cream.


Our thick and creamy White Cheddar Potato Soup is one of a kind! A classic potato soup with the addition of rich flavorful cheese. Use it on its own or add clams for great clam chowder. Simply add water! Serves 6.


Chicken Dumpling Soup is quintessential comfort food. It’s just like Grandma used to make and even includes the “drop” dumplings! Simply add water and milk and you have an entree for six in less than 20 minutes!