Wind Down Collection



The embodiment of serenity, Wind Down whispers in herbal tones of peppery mint, calming lavender, and sweet chamomile. A subduing of dampened earth arises from iris accords rooted in green geranium and spicy clove. Clean, smooth white musk and creamy, rich sandalwood impart a blanketing of lasting peace. Short and sweet, Bridgewater votive candles pack your favorite fragrance into a petite candle you can use anywhere! To enjoy the full life of this scented candle, place the votive in a glass votive holder, burn until the wax pools to the edge of the glass before extinguishing, and keep on a level surface away from drafts.


Fragrance Family: Floral
Volume: 2 OZ/ 56 Grams
Lifespan: Burn Time 15 Hours